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February 2025   |   Hudsons Canada's Pub


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YWCA Harbour House – Women’s Emergency Shelter, is a 24-bed crisis unit for women and children involved in abusive intimate partner relationships. Harbour House families are provided accommodations for a maximum of 21 days, with staff available for counselling and support 24 hours a day. They provide women and children with free education sessions on the impact of family violence on children, the cycle and dynamics of violence, and safety planning. This shelter turns away more than 1500 women and children annually, demonstrating the desperate need for a new facility.

The YWCA Amethyst Project allows sexual assault victims to obtain a rape kit, have access to community services for recovery, and choose whether or not to pursue the matter within one year while evidence is preserved, allowing them to focus on their own immediate needs before facing all of the challenges that come with the legal process.



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