GirlGang Kindness is a group of unique women who came together with a shared vision of empowering one another by spreading compassion and love in our own lives and in our community.

We strive to create fun and courageous spaces that foster human connection. We do so through small acts of kindness and by supporting organizations who are already doing great work. We want to encourage all individuals to be kind: to themselves, to one another, and to their community.

Meet the Team

Ashley McKenzie

I’m Ashley. I’m lover of the underdog/a self-proclaimmed Mars expert/ culture explorer/ spiritual gangsta with an interesting addiction to tropical plants. I am a Social Worker and I spend most…

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Danielle Tait

Hi! I’m Danielle. Or D. Or Tait. Or Auntie D. Depends who you ask! At the heart of what I do and who I am, I’m a people person –…

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Jes Beck

hello. I’m Jes – amateur photographer, magic maker, and full-time day-dreamer. I’m a lover of weird and wild things, maximus, popcorn, spontaneity, champagne, and sad songs. Originally from #YYC, I’ve…

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Jess Fehr

You always need 2 Jess’s in a #girlgang, so here I am, Jess with two s’s. I, like Taylor, am a Saskatchewan transplant (Go @sskroughriders Go!). My parents met in…

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Stephanie Wierl

Hey Hey there Lethbridge!  Steph here, outdoor and activity enthusiast and transplant from Saskatchewan,  so naturally I am a Rider fan #bringemout. Anyone else noticing a trend here with the…

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Taylor Crozon

When Taylor Crozon’s alarm(s) go off in the morning, it’s never at the same time. Even if it is only a couple of minutes, Crozon likes to start her day…

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