Coulee Clean Up

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Coulee Clean Up

May 15 / 2022

Posted on: May 15 / 2022

Each year  Helen Schuler Nature Centre organizes Coulee Clean Up a chance for the community to come together and tidy up our river bottom. Coulee Clean-Up is a made-in-Lethbridge conservation program designed to preserve and protect Lethbridge’s river valley environment. 

2022 – After a brief COVID-19 hiatus, GirlGang was back and pulled together a group of 16 that came out and volunteered with us to clean up the coulee edges from Whoop-Up Drive to Valley Road at the University. We gathered 8 bags of garbage.

Fun Fact: In 2021 over 380 bags of garbage and debris were removed from our river bottom.


2019 – GirlGang put together an independent team to participate in a Coulee Clean-Up. 25 people came out to volunteer with us, and our unique group ranged from an 8-month-old baby (kudos to the mama who pushed that stroller up and down the coulees!) to a 62-year-old grandfather and everything in between. We got to enjoy quality time in the sunshine exploring our beautiful river valley in Bull Trail park.

Fun Fact: When Helen Schuler Nature Centre started Coulee Clean Up in 2008 they picked up 15 bags of trash in Bull Trail Park. Fast forward to 2019 and we only picked up 1. This truly showcases how, and why, this initiative is so important to our beautiful city.


2018 – GirlGang put together a team of all ages to participate in a Coulee Clean-Up. We got to enjoy quality time in the sunshine exploring our beautiful Cottonwood Park, while also removing garbage and debris in order to preserve our environment.

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